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Quolus Construction Services


Quolus Construction Services provides site crews to work under the direction of General Contractors who look for a stable and reliable workforce in a temporary construction environment. We keep our margins as low as possible, by keeping our overheads down and our volume of work high. Since 1993 we have worked to attract and keep quality personnel by offering steady work, fair wages, BC Medical Plan, extended health and dental benefits, and industry training. Our employees are conscientious, reliable, and skilled. Our charge out rates are inclusive of the following:


  • Canada Pension Plan
  • Employment Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Board (WCB) Premiums
  • Vacation Pay
  • Health & Dental Plan
  • BC Medical Plan


We have over 200 employees, and can provide our clients with a solid and stable base of workers from which to draw upon. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they have the right blend of skill and experience, so their job sites can have the appropriate talent where and when they need it. Quolus carpenters provide their own tools, and specialize in handling unit deficiencies at turnover. Quolus is also the first company in its classification to receive the Worksafe Certificate of Recognition (COR). We employ our two full-time Safety Managers to provide ongoing training and safety support to our workers.



Deficiencies, Detailing, and Turnovers

Two Construction Workers Reading BluePrints

Deficiency crews are the backbone of our service. Over the years we are proud to have turned over literally tens of thousands of units to happy homeowners.  We have experts who can make repairs and prepare units to your standards with minimal supervision. From our patch, paint and caulk crews to our surface repair technicians and deficiency carpenters, we are able to handle almost all aspects of unit turnovers.  


Carpentry & Backframing

 woodframe carpenters

Our backframers will work with your Superintendents to perform the frame checks, install backing, and complete the structural, before inspection. We can  handle those last minute changes right through the finish stage to sign-off.


Skilled Labour


Our labour crew includes forklift, skid steer, and hoist operators. We have traffic control persons and  workers who can patch and repair concrete, level floors, and perform firestopping as well minor carpentry and general labour.   


Safety Management & First Aid


 We  offer complete Safety Management services that can keep your construction site onside and compliant with all Worksafe provisions. We can provide the onsite services of a dedicated First Aid Attendant, Construction Safety Officer, or a skilled labourer or carpenter with the appropriate  safety certifications.