First Aid Attendants have one of the most challenging positions on the job site. It is a balance of health care, safety , administration, diplomacy, and construction.

         As First Aid Attendants some of you may be asked to participate in the application of the general contractors Health and Safety Program. You must read and understand all aspects and be able to inform, report, and document; Inform workers that they are in violation, report to the superintendent observed violations and document all safety related issues, including verbal warnings.  It is the responsibility of the superintendent to enforce policy. In addition to Site Records, you should also keep a personal journal that documents safety issues including dates and times, individuals and their companies, comments and corrective actions.

Hepatitis A & B vaccinations will be paid for by Quolus Construction Services. Please arrange with your family Doctor for the vaccination, and Quolus will reimburse you, just send in the receipt and an expense check will be issued promptly. W.C.B. has an excellent publication called “Controlling Exposure: Protecting Workers From Infectious Disease”.  This information is not usually included in site safety meetings so be diligent, understand the risks, and do not take short cuts with your health.

Site Safety is more challenging than ever with so many new individuals entering the trades. Workers new to our practices are now finding themselves on big developments with no formal training in safety or experience with the hazards present on large sites. Together with your Superintendent we can help these people get home to their families.