Safe Work Practices & Procedures

Quolus Safe Work Practices are generic instructions for the safe execution of every day tasks. They are also used to aid in creating site specific Safe Work Procedures, which are a step by step set of instructions for tasks that have multiple or complex components.

Safe Work Procedures must incorporate site-specific elements and hazards and must be created with your CSO, Foreman, or other qualified Supervisor to ensure all elements and risks have been addressed.

Safe Work Procedures need to be created whenever a new procedure is undertaken or circumstances change. Every Quolus employee must use Safe Work Practices and Procedures as directed by your Supervisor. Quolus Safe Work Practices can be found in the Quolus Safety Manual available through your CSO.

Commonly used Safe Work Practices

Asbestos Removal

Basic Checklist

Basic Personal Protection Equipment And Clothing

Compressed Air For Cleaning

Electrical Power Lines

Electrical Power Tools And Cords

Fall Protection

Formwork And Forming

General Framing

Hand Tool Ergonomics

Housekeeping And On-Site Safety


Other Types Of Scaffold

Planning And Scheduling

Pneumatic Nailing And Stapling Equipment

Power Tools - Saws

Propane Safety

Roof Work


Trenches And Excavations